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Hey guys. The site is experincing some difficultis. Don’t worry tho, I am trying to fix them. During this time if the errors become to bad the site will be temparorily shut down. As soon as we get them fixed the site will be back up. Luckly it hasn’t got that bad…yet. If the site does go down remember to follow my Twitter( Or if you dont have a twitter follow my Platoon on battleog.)on news when the site will be back up. Wish me luck on fixing it


And remember to


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Join my battlefield 3 platoon!

Hey guys! I made a battlefield 3 platoon on Battelog! If you guys want you can come join it! Click here to join. Also I am sorry for the lack of posts latley… School sucks. Lulz. I am going to be doing more posts soon Dont worry. I am also working on getting a capture card :). So yea..bye


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Battlefield 3 server

Thanks to all the people that have been coming on to my server! It has been a lot of fun owning a server and I think i might do it more often.

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Whoa, Look at these updates for minecraft!

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Epic new minecraft360 updates!

Beta 1.8.2

Fifth Update

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Hello guys. I am sorry for not doing that much posts. I am very busy. But dont worry! I am still doing the giveaway this month. I am trying to add new posts and do stuff with the community. I will try my hardest to be more active. I am also working on getting a capturcard so I can record videos and put them on youtube.

Well bye guys! Seeya later!


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Ms point give away(this month)

Hey guys! I am giving away Microsoft points sometime this month! It will be 1600 ms points. So I will tweet the day when I get the card so  make sure you watch your twitters this month. (No site staff are allowed to take the code, I will buy all site staff 400 ms points on days that I giveaway codes.)

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Goodbye the1and0nlyelf

I would like to say that the1and0nlyelf has been kicked off the site due to no activity. I would like to say goodbye and don’t come back. 🙂 Have a nice day.

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E3 2012: Forza Horizon (X360 – Cam)

WOW! check out this Forza Horizon gamplay from E3 2012! This new game looks so awesome. I can’t wait untill it comes out!

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Forza Horizon – E3 2012 Demo SWEEEEEET When can I pre-order?

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