The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Hearthfire – Official Trailer

I can’t wait! It looks awesome!

I have played Skrim on the pc and have mods were you can build your own house. NOW I CAN DO IT IN XBOX!!!!


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Facebook page!

Hey guys I finnally made a facebook page. 🙂 scroll down and click the facebook logo to check it out.


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Check this out! I was looking for a new twitter picture when I came across this! Look under the zombies arm and you will see him.


Check this out!:  It looks nice to me 🙂

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free 15 dollar itunes code

code: xxwgmf7bvmjmgpys

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Possible Black ops 2 zombies perk? and new game type(not leaked stuff just ideas)

I had thought of a new perk for zombies. It could be called  “Self revive” and everytime you go down if you have enough points (1700) it will revive you. (When you die you lose the perk of course). And my new gametype idea. Everytime you kill someone you pick up there class. Say you have an mp5k and you kill someone with a sniper, you charecter instantly gets his class. (EVERYTHING including perks grenades special grenades ect…)


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Halo 4 Spartan Ops Full Mission HD Gameplay [SDCC]

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Some of the halo4 armor


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Gone fishing

Hey guys File404notfound here. Today  I am going fishing so I will try and get one of my site authors to do the posts…..If they don’t do it…well then ill try and do them when I get back. I will try my heardest to give you new posts everyday.

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Wanna play minecraft?

Me and my friend are working on a city! if you are intrested to join the city message me tommrow around 4:00 pm eastern stantard time. Message me on my xbox profile(file404notfound) or my twitter(@filesxbox) seeeeyaaa

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